Word Artist

Word Artist

Create nice-looking text captions using lots of styles and effects
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Word Artist allows giving customized styles to words. The tool has a nice intuitive interface, which permits its use by experienced or inexperienced users alike. Moreover, the application supports many presets of styles and textures, such as cow, money and giraffe. Likewise, you can change the angle of a word until you are satisfied with the way it looks.

Luckily, the tool allows creating your own styles. For instance, you can use a gradient or any texture that you may find online. Similarly, it allows using text effects such as 3D, glow, shadows or even creating a random color and border.

When you have finished creating your desired styles, you can export them to BMP, jpeg, png and gif files. In this respect, the application does not support as many output formats as other similar products. In addition, the tool does not allow working in tabs. Instead, it has a combo box from which you can change between workspaces. That makes it impossible to drag one title from one canvas to another should you want to. Sadly, the application does not allow adding custom fonts from your hard drive.

All in all, Word Artist is not a very sophisticated tool that you can use in professional endeavors. However, if you want to achieve decent results with little effort, this product may be the right one for you. You can always try its unregistered version and, if you like it, spend a reasonable amount on the full version.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports many styles and textures.
  • Allows creating your own styles


  • Fewer output formats compared with similar tools.
  • Does not allow working in tabs.
  • Does not let you import external fonts
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